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After seeing Nicole Eddy on MrBenBrown’s Daily Vlogs on YouTube, I did what everyone does: Trying to find some information about the person behind the videos and on the videos (bad habit ;)). I normally do this with stars of my favorite film, series or late night show. Now, using today’s media I also do this with some YouTubers. After finding the Blog of Nicole Eddy I read her latest entry which generally deals with a very dramatic development of social media, which she experiences in her own social media life. I kept thinking about it and wanted to leave her a motivating comment, which also represents my personal opinion on this subject. I kept writing and writing until I realized, that it is too much for a mere comment, so I elevated the comment to a blog post, I linked in her comments:

Dear Nicole,

as I coudn’t fall asleep yesterday, I kept thinking about your latest Blog post. So, now I feel the need to share my thoughts with you to honor your work and show, that you reached your #goal: making people think ;).

First of all, I want to stress, that I have never used this hashtag (except in this post). I totally agree with the thoughts brought forward in your post. You addressed a very important issue and pointed out the great danger of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and so on. People are starting to hate their own life and are chasing after a life they do not even really know. Someone else’s life can never be any appropriate #goal!

However, what can be an appropriate goal is to travel around the world, getting to know people, cultures, yourself and to gain lots of experience. In your Bio on Instagram it says i.e., that you are a Lifestyle and Travel Blogger. We also follow MrBenBrown’s journeys in a regular basis. In my opinion both of you are the personification of the word travel. Until now, we had one great longterm travel experience by exploring Chile, Peru and Brasil (which by the way I can totally recommend) and I learned so much, that I can say, that making traveling a more significant part of my life is a #goal and I would not say it is „setting a low goal“ as it helps broaden your horizon and be liberal-minded. In my opinion this is one of the highest goals. Therefore, the reason for posting this hashtag might also be, that you are representing the idea of traveling.

Another part I coudn’t stop thinking about is the description of your daily life and also the advantages and disadvantages of MrBenBrown’s life, also minted by hard work, with other words, the stuff we do not see in the videos. Perhaps, the question would be better submitted to a daily vloger, but as you mentioned this issue and as you have a very special view on the subject, I may also ask this question to you and maybe you will comment or mention it in your next Blog post. Once I had a long and interesting talk with a travel journalist, who has also been to amazing places, the world offers us. Unfortunately, he explained that he felt like he had missed most of them as he had been totally busy with getting the perfect shot so that he had forgotten to enjoy and embrace the atmosphere. While watching MrBenBrown’s Vlogs, I asked myself, whether he and also you have the same feeling or if you found a good balance between work and free time.

Now, keep doing what you are doing and help me to overcome my travel bug by posting your amazing experience until I finish my studies and until I will be reaching my own #goals. Thanks for everything and greetings from Germany!


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  1. Nicole

    Thanks for making this post so personal and for addressing it to me 🙂 I’m glad that it got you thinking & your reply got me thinking too! To answer your question, I can completely relate to what the travel journalist said, however I am very aware that when I’m outdoors or experiencing something incredible, to always be present in the moment. Its the one thing that I really value. But yes, I do see many of the people around me experiencing life through the lens of a camera so I can understand how it might take over the real lens with which we are meant to view life through!

    If I can inspire people to travel themselves, then majority of my job is done, however what my post tries to speak to is those who have no plan or ambition to reach the goals that they so readily write on posts. As long as one is pro-active towards making them happen, then I am happy!

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts! Have an awesome week.

    Lots of love,
    Nicole x


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