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Floating island on Lake Titicaca

Sweets on floating islands of Lake Titicaca

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Or about the dangerous impact tourism can have on the environment and the life of locals

I experienced more than once while visiting tourist attractions: Locals often earn their money by selling crafted art or food to tourists. In general this is totally fine with me. I bought bracelets in the amazon rainforest in Peru, bags in Inca towns, pastry in Rio de Janeiro or something, I don’t even know what it really is- a baggy thingy- on the floating islands of Lake Titicaca in Peru. It gave me the feeling to support locals and I got souvenirs. Great deal, wasn’t it? Especially after visiting the floating islands I wasn’t so sure about that anymore. Weiterlesen

Two sides of the coin – Comment

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After seeing Nicole Eddy on MrBenBrown’s Daily Vlogs on YouTube, I did what everyone does: Trying to find some information about the person behind the videos and on the videos (bad habit ;)). I normally do this with stars of my favorite film, series or late night show. Now, using today’s media I also do this with some YouTubers. After finding the Blog of Nicole Eddy I read her latest entry which generally deals with a very dramatic development of social media, which she experiences in her own social media life. I kept thinking about it and wanted to leave her a motivating comment, which also represents my personal opinion on this subject. I kept writing and writing until I realized, that it is too much for a mere comment, so I elevated the comment to a blog post, I linked in her comments: Weiterlesen